International first class freight forwarder's license. Relying on the strong strength of weiming international freight, weiming customs broker and weiming Hong Kong company, we provide import and export logistics services of international standard for domestic and foreign importers and exporters as well as retail purchasing groups. Weiming's service products cover machinery, electronic equipment, automobile, paper products, clothing, fabrics, food, beverage and other fast moving consumer goods and household appliances and other durable consumer goods.

In recent years, by focusing on service, adhering to the business philosophy of low-cost operation and giving full play to the advantages of specialization, networking and informatization, weiming has successfully provided a number of domestic and foreign famous enterprises with high-quality comprehensive logistics services. Current tax rate for imported bottled wine (payable in RMB) :

1. Tariff: 14% (tariff: CIF 14%);

2. VAT: 17% (VAT: (CIF+ tariff amount) 17%);

3. Consumption tax: 10% (consumption tax: [(CIF + tariff amount)/(1-10%)] 10%).

Handling of "Chinese registered trademark"

Import red wine business enterprises should go to the local commodity inspection and quarantine bureau to get the form, prepare the following declaration documents:

1. Business license;

2. Red wine quality inspection and quarantine report; The corresponding imported red wine sample shall be inspected by the state administration of commodity inspection and the inspection report shall be issued.

3. Original copies and translations of the manufacturer's production license (issued by local authorities or organizations in the country of origin);

4. Original copies and translations of the manufacturer's health license (issued by local authorities or organizations in the country of origin);

5. The original print and translation of the wine production process of the manufacturer (only a simple illustration of the wine production process is required, with the company seal or the signature of the responsible person.) ;

Customs clearance process:

Record - pre - record - inspection - customs clearance - customs clearance - mobile health inspection (label rectification) - sampling - commodity inspection CIQ- delivery

Problems needing attention in the transportation and import link:

1. Plan the mode of transportation in advance, book the shipping space and choose a good transportation company. Imported red wine in the territory of the main transport to the main motor, trans-continental transport to sea and air based, large quantities of general value of red wine to sea based, small quantities of expensive or high-grade wine to air based. Before the purchase contract is confirmed, it is necessary to select a good mode of transport and transport agent at the same time to book the warehouse as soon as possible. Avoid temporary choice or change affect shipment, delay affect capital turnover or goods delay, especially in summer high temperature, goods in the dock yard delay easy to cause red wine temperature aging.

2. Avoid high temperature during transportation. Red wine is active brewing wine, in the storage process, the most afraid of high temperature. Therefore, the impact of high temperature should be considered in the process of land transportation and sea transportation. When shipping, ask the shipping agent to keep the goods under water and away from heat source (boiler or engine room). Choose flight had better be scheduled nonstop flight, avoid to choose those are not scheduled or midway bulk is more, should be in weather hot area berth the shipping date of loading and unloading.

3. Timely handling transportation insurance. Bottled wine is fragile, and insurance is important, especially if it is of high value.

Please consult our company for detailed operation procedure国际一级货运代理执照。依托维明国际货运、维明报关、维明香港公司的强大实力,为国内外进出口商及零售采购集团提供国际标准的进出口物流服务。伟明的服务产品涵盖机械、电子设备、汽车、纸制品、服装、面料、食品、饮料等快速消费品和家用电器等耐用消费品。


1. 关税:14%(关税:CIF 14%);

2. 增值税:17%(增值税:(CIF+关税金额)17%);

3.消费税:10%(消费税:[(CIF +关税金额)/(1-10%)]10%)。



1. 营业执照;

2. 红酒质量检验检疫报告;相应的进口红酒样品由国家商检局检验,出具检验报告。


4. (二)生产企业卫生许可证(由原产国有关部门或者组织出具)原件和译文;

5. 制造商的葡萄酒生产过程的原件打印和翻译(只需要简单的葡萄酒生产过程说明,加盖公司印章或负责人签字即可);




1. 提前计划运输方式,预定舱位,选择好的运输公司。境内进口红酒的主要运输以电机为主,跨大陆运输以海空为主,大量一般价值红酒以海空为主,少量昂贵或高档红酒以空运为主。在采购合同确定之前,有必要选择一种好的运输方式,同时选择运输代理,尽快预定仓库。避免临时选择或变更影响出货,延误影响资金周转或货物延误,尤其在夏季高温时,货物在码头堆场的延误容易造成红酒温度老化。

2. 运输过程中避免高温。红葡萄酒是主动酿制葡萄酒,在贮藏过程中,最怕高温。因此,在陆运和海运过程中应考虑高温的影响。装运时,请船代将货物放在水下,远离热源(锅炉或机舱)。选择航班最好是定期直飞,避免选择那些不定期或中途散货较多的,应在天气炎热地区泊位装卸的船期。


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