International air cargo market to create their own brand, pay attention to the development of special services, committed to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe's air cargo market development and development, and has been widely recognized in the industry, in the freight rate and class are extremely advantageous. Too (SZT) in Shanghai over the years has been the improvement of the logistics service, set up regulation in the area of the Shanghai customs supervision warehouse and provide customs control vehicles, the export of more than 3000 bungalow meters in Shanghai pudong airport warehouse and equipped with advanced warehousing facilities and transport fleet, make the service scope extends to land transportation, warehousing and air freight, etc.

The rapid development of Shanghai zhongtai (SZT) is inseparable from the construction of corporate culture. In nearly two decades of development, we have always been adhering to the concept of continuous improvement, shaping people-oriented team spirit, and establishing a rigorous and efficient management style. At present, Shanghai zhongtai (SZT) is pursuing the highest goal of customer satisfaction and trust in the field of freight service relying on the high level service of all staff. While maintaining stable development, Shanghai China Pacific (SZT) seeks a new breakthrough and will work with our partners to create a better future. International trading, logistics, nine service, supply chain management based on "international trade logistics collaborative management" Internet + "information technology", relying on the Shanghai dongya network at home and abroad, talent advantage and function of many professional platform, with consulting services as the forerunner, customized solutions for driving, more professional collaboration, integration, both at home and abroad consultation, scheme, business, foreign trade, finance, sourcing, quality control, insurance, channel, logistics as one of the package of value-added supply chain operation management services, We will improve the international procurement and supply environment and meet China's import and export trade facilitation needs for overseas procurement and Chinese supply. Over the past decade, the three gorges power station has cultivated a group of senior logistics talents. In recent years, the company has been operating many large-scale engineering logistics, automobile and parts logistics, transportation and energy logistics, chemical and dangerous goods logistics, IC/IT logistics, e-commerce logistics and global distribution/distribution center, etc., which are professional, comprehensive and global large-scale projects.

Yadong's corporate vision is to build "excellent, brand, national century-old stores"; To "social commitment, integrity zhiyuan" as the business philosophy; Establish a "precise, precise, lean, strict, rigorous, rigorous" work style; Build a "yadong family, mutual help, friendship, harmony, harmony" interpersonal relationship; Cultivate a new generation of "love logistics, loyalty, long-term, grasp the development, plan the overall situation, innovation and entrepreneurship"; In accordance with the "customer first, service first, quality first" policy, do new, do better, stronger; Our core values are "to enhance the ability to create value, and constantly meet the needs of customers, employees and society".

The company's development strategy is to "refine the freight forwarder and realize the transformation". Based on the comprehensive quality assurance system, the company will consolidate its core competitiveness, expand its differentiated competitive advantages and enhance its sustainable development capability. Guided by differentiated and high-end logistics products, driven by big customers and projects, the project management department will be improved as the operation unit to comprehensively improve the level of international, networked and professional third-party logistics.国际航空货运市场打造自己的品牌,注重发展特色服务,致力于东南亚、中东、澳大利亚和欧洲航空货运市场的开发与发展,并已在业内得到广泛认可,在运价和档次上都极为优越。(SZT)多年来一直在上海物流服务的改善,建立监管领域的上海海关监管仓库,并提供海关监管车辆,出口超过3000平房米在上海浦东机场仓库,配备先进的仓储设施和运输舰队,使服务范围延伸到陆地运输、仓储和空运等。



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