What if I receive damaged goods?
Our global dispatchers work relentlessly to adhere to your deadline expectations, whilst providing you extra peace of mind with our Freight Plus Warranty. You can opt for the warranty at the time of booking for cover against damage or loss of goods whilst in transit. Customer who have paid for Freight Plus Warranty will receive appropriate compensation in case your goods arrive damaged.
Our range of competitively priced international shipping parcel and freight delivery services, includes:公司主要提供的服务有:
国内工厂或代理商----定舱GAC - 放S/O安排拖车/装柜/重柜还码头 - 报关/放行 - 等待装船/签发海运提单

国内多家工厂或代理商----发货到青岛/黄岛保税区仓库,在仓库完成报关/放行或外拖码头报关---仓库装箱,重柜还码头, 等待上船----国外同一收货人
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