Air parcel general requirements:
Weight of not more than two kilograms;
Volume is less than 90 cm length and breadth of the longest diameter of less than 60 cm;
Clear recipient address and zip code.
Hong Kong packet characteristics: cheap, but there is no message number, not the query.
Small parcel of international registered mail service in China generally refers to:
Hong Kong registered parcel, Hong Kong Post registered small parcel, Hong Kong Post registered small parcel, Hong Kong Post registered parcel of international aviation, iMail, Imailr, Bulk Air Mail registered.
Mailing Guide:
1, each sender should fill a CN22 customs hangtags, pasted on the back cover of the parcel. Name column can not simply declare to GIFT, SAMPLE general name such as name;
2, fill in the declaration to be used in English, French or country of destination proficient text and parcel of each item's name, value and net weight (accurate to g) detailed and specific to fill in the specified location;
3, with the value of the currency should be marked on the part, it is recommended to use U.S. Dollar USD quotes;
4, bottom right sign and posted as the date;
5, chartered account, chartered account different ordinary and registered mail, must be clearly separated, if posted in the wrong account, will be deemed insufficient postage, parcel be returned;
6, packing to intact, not easily damaged, in addition to the address on the package label bags outside, try not to take other unrelated logo. For fragile items, the best packaging fragile signs are posted in front of the middle of the parcels affixed address labels.我们与各大船公司保持了良好的长期战略合作关系,具有优势签约价,航线覆盖全球,可以直接租船订舱。 在报价方案上,我们根据货主需求,以提供多种价格和时间方案可供选择。 并且我公司在:澳新航线、欧地航线、中东印巴航线、非洲航线、红海航线、东南亚航线、南美和北美航线等操作上,积累有丰富的操作经验,可提醒客户避免潜在的错误与风险掌控。
整箱服务 - 以具有竞争力的价格提供从中国到全球主要港口的整箱集装箱 (FCL) 货服务。
拼箱服务 - 提供简洁透明的运价,管理其中的每一个步骤,提供全程的可见性的拼箱集装箱 (LCL)服务,
增值服务 -我司是世界货物运输联盟(WCA)成员,可为有需求的客户提供国外清关或TO DOOR到门点服务(DDU/DDP)及广泛进口业务。 另外我司可为有特殊情况的货主提供买单出口、代理报关、商检、原产地证等服务
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